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Small Groups

Small Groups

Monday, September 10, 2018

Contact: Pastor Jason Worthington |

Small Groups Make a BIG Difference

Small Groups are part of our DNA at West Valley Church - they are crucial to our growth, encouragement, and purpose!  In a church our size, it is important to be part of a group that can provide you with support, comfort, and friendship.  Through your Small Group, you will find a place to be mentored, a place to pray, a place to talk about life, a place to hear from others in their journey with Christ, and a place to minister to your community.

If you are not currently part of a Small Group, there is no better time to start! Simply send an email to  , connect using the WVC app, or contact the church office at (509) 966-1550, and let us know the time, geographical location, and childcare needs that will work out best for you.  There are groups that meet throughout the week, and we provide childcare for many of these groups. 

Being part of a Small Group is a BIG deal at West Valley Church!  Being part of a Small Group will make a BIG difference in your life!  Being part of a Small Group will help you make a BIG difference in this world!  Now is the time to join a Small Group.  Now is the time to lead a Small Group.  Start making a BIG difference, now!